Hawkeye's Social Media

Hawkeye Community College participates in many social media sites.

Official Social Media Presences

The Public Relations and Marketing office maintains these official social media presences.

Hawkeye Community College Facebook: Official Hawkeye Community College page Twitter: Official Hawkeye Community College Twitter feed Instagram: Official Hawkeye Community College Instagram feed YouTube: Official Hawkeye Community College YouTube Channel LinkedIn: Official Hawkeye Community College LinkedIn Snapchat: SnapsbyHawkeye
Admissions Admissions Twitter
Business and Community Education Facebook, Business and Community Education LinkedIn School
Corporate and Business Solutions Facebook: Corporate and Business Solutions LinkedIn: Hawkeye's Corporate & Business Solutions
Library Twitter: Library Instagram: Library
RedTail Athletics Facebook: Hawkeye RedTail Athletics Twitter: RedTail Athletics Instagram: RedTail Athletics Instagram Snapchat: Redtail Athletics: HawkeyeRedTails
RedTail Athletics: Bowling Twitter: Bowling, RedTail Athletics
RedTail Athletics: Cross Country Twitter: Cross Country, RedTail Athletics
RedTail Athletics: Dance Twitter: Dance, RedTail Athletics
RedTail Athletics: Esports Twitter: Esports, RedTail Athletics
RedTail Athletics: Golf Twitter: Golf, RedTail Athletics
RedTail Athletics: Soccer Twitter: Soccer, RedTail Athletics
RedTail Athletics: Sports Shooting Twitter: Sports Shooter, RedTail Athletics
RedTail Athletics: Track and Field Twitter: Track and Field, RedTail Athletics
RedTail Athletics: Volleyball Twitter: Volleyball, RedTail Athletics

Recognized Social Media Presences

The following departments or groups have worked with the Public Relations and Marketing office to create a social media presences that is recognized by the college. These are not the official social media presences for Hawkeye Community College.

Recognized Social Media Presences
Adult Education Facebook, Adult Education
Regional Transportation Training Center Facebook: Regional Transportation Training Center
School of Safety Services Facebook: School of Safety Services
Agriculture and Natural Resources Facebook: Agriculture and Natural Resources Twitter: Agriculture and Natural Resources
Global Agriculture Learning Center Facebook: Global Agriculture Learning Center Twitter: Global Agriculture Learning Center Instagram: Global Agriculture Learning Center Blog: Global Agriculture Learning Center
Study Abroad Blog: Study Abroad
Natural Resources Management Program Instagram: Natural Resources Management program

Creating a Social Media Presence

Before creating any social media presence that represents any part of Hawkeye, please contact the Public Relations and Marketing office. We will work with you to determine the best social media presence, help create the social media presence, and ensure the proper use the Hawkeye brand and visual identities.

Please consider the following things before contacting the Public Relations and Marketing office.

  • Who is the audience?
  • Can the audience be reached using the official social media presences of the college?
  • Who is going to update the presence?
  • How often is the presence going to be updated?
  • How is the social media presence going to be promoted?

Public Relations and Marketing must have administrative access to recognized social media presences.

Recognized social media presences can be linked with the official college social media presences as well as promoted on the Hawkeye website.

Writing about Hawkeye on Social Media

Please keep these things in mind when you are writing about Hawkeye on approved, recognized, and personal social media presences.

  1. Your posts are public. You should consider that whatever you post on a social media site will instantly become public. Anyone with access to the web can review your activity on social media sites. Regardless of how careful you are in establishing privacy settings, your content can easily be made available to those outside of your preference settings.

  2. Be transparent. It should be obvious that you work for Hawkeye if you are posting as part of your job. If you are posting about Hawkeye on your personal time, please identify your connection to Hawkeye. You need to be authentic and credible.

  3. Keep confidential matters private. Do not post proprietary information about Hawkeye, including information about students, alumni, or employees. Be aware that Hawkeye and legal guidelines, such as FERPA, are also applicable in social media.

  4. Represent Hawkeye properly. Make sure that your supervisor and the Public Relations and Marketing office has authorized you to post on a Hawkeye recognized social media presence. If you are responding to someone's complaint or concern, contact the Public Relations and Marketing office. Verify information, links, images, etc. before posting. Social media sites blur the lines between professional and personal relationships, so be careful when choosing profile photos and other images to upload.

  5. Be a respectful community member. When you find yourself disagreeing with others, keep your comments appropriate and polite. If you find yourself in a position where the communications become antagonistic, avoid becoming defensive. Ask the Public Relations and Marketing office for advice on handling sensitive issues and topics.

  6. Know where to turn for help. If you encounter a question you cannot answer, or if you see incorrect information about Hawkeye, contact the Public Relations and Marketing office for assistance.

Contact Information

Public Relations and Marketing

Hawkeye Center 222
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